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All make amazing GIF content, and all are basically certified to put a smile on your crush's face. But if you want to branch out from the basics, I've composed a list that includes the very most primo, funny, and adorable GIF content for every occasion.

Because when you don't know what to say, there's a GIF that can do all the talking for you. This is also known as "the face I make every time I realize I actually have feelings for someone.

I don't care if you only believe in "rational science," I just need to know before I fall for another Scorpio. Back in June, a few contributors and I wrote about how it really is possible to meet a nice guy on a dating app.

I Use These 5 Flirty Introductions Online, and They Work Like a Charm

At the time, I happened to be dating a nice guy that I met you guessed it on an app. And you know what line I used to introduce myself?

Gay Men Answer Dating, Relationship, and Marriage Questions

Yes, yes you do. Great for those of you who are shy about reaching out first. From there, the conversations were easy and engaging. Boom, connection made. Fun fact: This intro line might sound obscure, but hear me out.

Alternatives To Plenty Of Fish

A few years ago I did go to Niagara Falls on a wacky hour road trip with some girlfriends. For whatever reason, I find both the natural beauty of the falls and the quirky history of the area to be really fascinating. I get so animated when I talk about Niagara that whether or not the person is into waterfalls or Upstate New York, I can have them ready to jump in a car and go in about five minutes.

So, I decided to see if my love for The Falls could inspire a dating connection.

01. ‘[Three waving hand emojis] How’s it going, [insert name of guy here]?’

Curious social scientist that I am, I kept track for a spell—of the sixteen guys I asked, eleven of them responded, and I went on a date with one. And he holds a grudge. Co-owns family business; Not craziest person in his family; Fastidious about getting rid of scent of formaldehyde before cuddling. David may seem like a good catch, but his family issues make the Walkers seem like the Waltons.

Law bringer; Tough, but heart of gold; Good to have around in hostage situation, shootout, or when getting parking ticket.

How to Talk to Guys on Dating Apps - Verily

Plays with knives; Easily offended; Clothes frequently have hard to remove stains best not to ask about. Will quench your bad boy thirst, but if you insult his lineage he has a tendency to get a bit stabby. Useful organs; Can bandage boo-boos including defective eyes; Beneath prickly exterior is more prickliness, but beneath that is a good guy.

Cranky; Has trouble mastering rudimentary locking devices; Hard to get along with at work.

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FUB ; Police cop.