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As gays, I found that So we had to create our own kind of family. So we identified with that point of view. The journey to create Silver Foxes began about two years ago, when Zimmerman and Berg met with representatives from Logo. We cold-called them and said, 'We don't even have a script. Here's the idea; here's who we are.

Hollywood's Ageism and Homophobia Almost Killed 'Silver Foxes'

The reading occurred about a year and a half ago at his home. It all became real when the actors assembled to read their lines. I just knew we had something. And that's why I can't wait till we actually get to make it and show it to the world," Zimmerman said.

Guess the cat is out of the bag about that secret reading I had last year. Fingers crossed that Hulu or a major network has the guts to portray the story of 4 older gay men. A post shared by Stan Zimmerman zimmermanstan on Jun 12, at 9: However, the future of Silver Foxes became uncertain after a revelation from the network. And then the story changed," said Zimmerman.

Silver Foxes: Gay version of Golden Girls in development

But it is true. You know, some — most — networks won't even open the script to read it. That all changed with Super Deluxe, which "came to the rescue. An attractive older man. Generally, one that has gray hair and is often desired by younger women.

That Sean Connery may be old , but he sure is one silver fox!! An older gentleman who, despite his gray hair, --or maybe because of it-- is dead sexy.

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An attractive older man with gray , white or silver hair. Anderson Cooper 'nuf said!


Anderson Cooper is a silver fox and i will marry him someday ,. An older, good-looking man who is normally sought out by younger women.

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